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High scalablility

Provide technical architecture and help on creation of high load Internet services, and IT-solutions in data mining areas. We also can provide design prototype, interactive prototype and fully functional prototype to test and demonstrate research findings.

This service is good for start-ups and growing companies, that care on a successful scale


Provide consulting on business infrastructure, while taking into account the recommendations of such international standards as COBIT, TOGAF, ITIL, CMMI. Provide evaluation of technical ideas, business plans, and investment opportunities.

This service is good for companies, that care on a business and quality scale.


Provide platform that helps to plan, monitor and manage communication campaigns. It also possible to make an apparent effect on the business KPI with a help of communication policy.

This service is good for companies, that plan to widespread their products to new markets, and establish solid investment and consumer relationships.

About us

Our mission is to implement the integrated way of thinking, breakthrough practices, and enhanced computable decision making to the customer's environment.

We are happy to help you with ours expertise and intellectual property in social communication research, system engineering modeling, high load infrastructure, and data retrieval services.`

We list here some public projects in which ours team members had been involved:

Our team

Our team is world wide located, with a head office in Hong Kong. We have a research center in Belarus.


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